Pen + Gear Erasers and Toppers Set (2020)

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Product features

Make some room for new ideas to flourish with our Pen and Gear Erasers and Toppers Set. From the classroom to the office, these premium erasers are ideal for students, professionals, artists, and even just to have at home. These soft erasers are made with pliable rubber that is easy to maneuver and is gentle enough on paper, so it won't tear. The pink erasers feature a rectangular design with beveled, sharpened corners and flat sides while the toppers have angled sides, meaning you can easily erase with precision, from small details to large areas. Plus, their smudge-proof qualities make them ideal companions for taking on essays, exams, and reports. Keep your papers cleaned up with the help of our Pen and Gear Erasers and Toppers Set.

Pen + Gear Erasers and Toppers Set:
  • 11-piece eraser set
  • Smudge-free pencil erasing
  • Soft, pliable, and latex free
  • Beveled edges for precision erasing
  • Easy to maneuver and gentle on paper
  • Great option for students, professionals and artists
  • Includes: 6 pink erasers and 5 cap erasers