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About this item

  • Beef bouillon makes quick broth or soup with a great beef flavor
  • 1 cube equals 1 cup
  • Resealable container


Member's Mark Tone's® Beef Bouillon (32 oz.) is the secret to fast, easy and delicious beef broth or a beef soup base. In a pinch, you can even use it as au jus for dipping a sandwich.

What Can I Cook with Beef Bouillon?

Professional chefs and amateurs alike use bullion cubes for a multitude of dishes and cuisines. It is an essential building block to both sophisticated and simple meals and you can't go wrong using it every day of the week. It is also extremely simple to use, so amateur cooks can use it to learn the basis of delicious broths, even if they aspire to something more complex. Tone's Beef Bouillon can be used as an overnight marinade for meat to give it tenderness and a savory moist flavor. It can be used to braise beef or slow simmer day-old steak to make it delicately tender enough to pull apart.

About Member's Mark Tone's Beef Bouillon Cubes

Tone's Beef Bouillon is an excellent product to have on hand if you prepare a lot of homemade soups and stews. These small beef flavor cubes are packed with plenty of flavor that will instantly transform your favorite new and traditional recipes.

How Many Beef Cubes Are in the Pack?

There are 32 oz. of individually wrapped beef cubes in this pack.